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50 Dice
Unit price: $ 3.35
Total: $ 3.35
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20 Dice
Unit price: $ 1.3
Total: $ 1.3
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100 Trait Crystal
Unit price: $ 1.08
Total: $ 1.08
In Stock
500 Trait Crystal
Unit price: $ 6.9
Total: $ 6.9
In Stock
1000 Trait Crystal
Unit price: $ 13.8
Total: $ 13.8
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200 Trait Crystal
Unit price: $ 2.7
Total: $ 2.7
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Bundle Star Rift Fire Dragon Sould (x6 Blue, x5 Purple, x14 Yellow, x6 Green)
Unit price: $ 0.68
Total: $ 1.36
In Stock
Bundle Star Rift Skull Mask (x6 Blue, x6 Red, x28 Yellow, x4 Green)
Unit price: $ 1.54
Total: $ 1.54
In Stock
Frost Bind
Unit price: $ 0.075
Total: $ 5.025
In Stock
Bundle Star Rift Demon Greatsword (x9 Blue, x9 Red, X35 Yellow, x9 Green, x9 Purple)
Unit price: $ 1.57
Total: $ 1.57
In Stock
Bundle Star Rift Shadow Eye (x6 Blue, x6 Red, x15 Yellow, x4 Purpl)
Unit price: $ 0.68
Total: $ 0.68
In Stock
Bundle Star Rift Celestial Sword (x8 Blue, x6 Red, x30 Yellow, x7 Purple)
Unit price: $ 1.5
Total: $ 1.5

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Supercharge Your Anime Defenders Strategy: Why You Need Star Rifts, Risky Dice, Trait Crystal and More!

Smart purchases are key to winning in Anime Defenders. Beyond gems, acquiring key items like Star Rifts, Trait Crystal and Risky Dice can significantly enhance your gameplay and propel you towards becoming a top defender.

Star Rifts offer a guaranteed chance to summon units of specific rarities, including rare, epic, and legendary characters. This eliminates the element of chance associated with regular summons, ensuring you get the units you desire.

Risky Dice, Trait Crystal offer a gamble, with a chance to win rare and powerful units or valuable resources. While there's always a risk of disappointment, the potential rewards make it a thrilling option for those seeking a quick power boost.

Level up your Anime Defenders game! Buy Star Rifts, Risky Dice, Trait Crystal and more to dominate.

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