About us

About Us

CNLGaming was designed with the primary intention of becoming your ultimate companion within the realm of MMO games. This companion has the ability to recommend suitable individuals who can efficiently address any tasks required for your in-game character or account. As a result, you can fully relish a delightful gaming encounter.

Our Target

Faster - Secure - Cheaper - Good Service

We are always trying to improve our service day by day, and bring the best experience possible to our customers.

With almost 5 years in the industry, we have achieved
- More than 1 billion orders have been completed.
- 99.2% Positive feedback

We are composed of many members from various fields of study, such as marketing, language teachers, computer science, and more. However, we all share a common interest in playing games and a sense of attachment, as well as a slight desire to become TOP gamers (ermm... maybe due to enthusiasm).

Therefore, we want to pursue fields related to gaming. Yes, thank you for accompanying and sticking with us on this journey.

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