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Albion Online

Albion Online Overview

Albion Online stands as a dynamic 3D sandbox MMORPG, placing player freedom at its core. Reminiscent of FFXIV, Albion Online's classes are uniquely linked to gear.

In this immersive world, any player can don any piece of gear, whether a robe for potent magic or a sword and crossbow for melee prowess. This flexibility adds a strategic layer to gameplay, where choices impact both offense and defense.

Embark on quests to enhance your battle prowess, and dive into open-world PvP or Guild vs Guild conflicts to earn valuable experience. As you progress, venturing into perilous PvP zones becomes inevitable to harvest the most coveted resources. Simplify your journey by acquiring Albion Silver or Albion Gold from CNLGAMINg sellers. Explore, conquer, and thrive in the realms of Albion Online.


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